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 Tuesday, February 08 2005 @ 03:33 AM Central Standard Time

A Loss For No-Fault Divorce


The "fault" in this case was the judge denying an individual's right to due process. EJK

A loss for no-fault divorce

By Michael J. McManus

For the first time in decades, a divorce order was reversed last week. Texas' Appeals Court said, "The judgment of the trial court is reversed" and ordered a new trial.
This was a victory for attorney David Moody, one of a handful of lawyers fighting to preserve marriage, on behalf of his client, Doak Runberg.

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Thousands in Colorado file Class Action Suit


Our neighbors to the west are turning up the heat! Thousands are signing on to a class action suit.,1713,BDC_2423_3473127,00.html

Dads fight for parenting rights

Fathers sue state demanding equal custody

By Christine Reid, Camera Staff Writer
January 15, 2024

David Arnsberger left several successful enterprises in Texas and became a
stay-at-home dad in 1998 when he and his wife moved to Colorado so she
could pursue her career......

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Sheriff Says It's the Worst Abuse Case He's Ever Seen


Were these 4 abused souls concieved through immaculate conception? There is not one mention of the father in this story.

More comments at the end of the story.

KNOX COUNTY (WATE) -- A mother and her boyfriend are charged with child abuse involving four children, ages five and under, at a home in west Knox County.

Sheriff Tim Hutchison said it's the worst abuse case he's ever seen.

The pictures are too graphic for 6 News to broadcast.

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