All children deserve a safe and loving home.

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Welcome to Nebraskans for Family (NFF is a Shared Parenting Organization)

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NFF Objective
NFF Mission
NFF Legislative Goals

The vision of Nebraskans for Family, Inc. is that society will recognize the right of every child to have a healthy relationship with both of their biological parents.

Nebraskans for Family Objective

The primary objective of Nebraskans for Family, Inc. is education. We strive to help parents locate resources to allow them to:

  • Receive fair parenting time with their children.
  • Understand their parental rights which helps to assure that parents and their children have a personal and legal relationship subsequent to divorce. We do this primarily through information on our website and educational symposiums.
  • Be better parents
  • Organize activities in a two home environment
  • Recognize that Nebraska is one of the most anti-family states in the country. It is a very dangerous place for fathers and their children during and subsequent to a divorce. We try to educate our members how to spot the common games played to separate fathers from their children subsequent to divorce.

Nebraskans for Family, Inc.. strives to provide leadership and information to the general community through:

  • Advocating that children need both parents
  • Maintaining positive relationships with family courts personnel
  • Monitoring court proceedings
  • Communicating the significance of local, national and international legislation and court decisions
  • Impacting appropriate legislation at the state level.
  • Providing information and networking through Internet and other media.
  • Partnering with other community organizations .
  • Countering negative stereotypes of men and fathers.
  • Networking with other fathers and men's organization nationwide Fathers for Equal Rights Legislative Goals

Nebraskans for Family Legislative Goals

Nebraskans for Family, Inc.. shall legislatively seek change to promote equity between parents and remove provisions that are not equal or are detrimental to the healthy development of the children subject to these laws, including the following:

  • A child?s right to a full, equal and positive relationship with both parents
  • A child?s right to support from both parents
  • A child's right to be treated as an impacted person and not as a pawn of either parent.
  • A child?s right to day-to-day love, care, discipline, and protection from both biological parents.
  • Fair and equal sharing by parents of their children?s support
  • Economic support of children based on each parents? ability to pay, while providing sufficient funds for the children?s needs, to be administered on behalf of the children
  • An accountability system in which a parent that receives child support must account to the Court and the parent providing support, how and where child support monies are spent
  • Requiring the courts to consider the cost of maintaining two homes for the child when setting support orders

Nebraskans for Family, Inc. Mission

The mission of Nebraskans for Family, Inc. is to promote equitable family laws and practices that will respect the rights and needs of Nebraska families and children.

About Nebraskans for Family, Inc.

We are committed to improving the current treatment that most devoted and dedicated parents across the State of Nebraska encounter every day as they enter into the child custody or divorce process. Our goals clearly outline our direction and intentions with regard to establishing what is best for the children, all the way to establishing equality for parents and ridding the courts of the power to discriminate against a parent because of gender. Children have both a mother and a father, and there is no reason that today's children should not share the equal value of both parents. Our goal is not to take children from either parent, only to ensure that both parents are treated equally and receive equal time with their children. In addition, he believe that it is wrong for state agencies and courts to neglect our children by forcing them to live in an abusive environment. We understand that the Federal Government supports Domestic Violence programs so long as a the victim is a heterosexual female; however, these groups are powerless to help the children who are living in an abusive environment where the victim is male.

Children need two parentss, not part-time visitors, which is the role that Nebraska non-custodial parents are expected to accept. Is this all that Nebraska parents are worthy of? We certainly do not believe so, and the statistics provide strong support. We seek to shed light on the disparaging discrimination that parents throughout the State of Nebraska have faced for decades. It is the discrimination that has become a built-in mechanism of nearly every child custody case in courts throughout this State. You do not have to be a non-custodial parent to become a member; all you have to do is believe that children need two loving parents and that both parents should be considered equally important!

Together we need to stand up for the rights of all parents, as well as future parents, across the state of Nebraska and put an end to the rampant discrimination that parents face in the child custody process. Some parents fight in wars and battles on behalf of our beloved country; but every all parents should elect to fight a battle that involves the right to be an equal part in the life of his or her children, and for the protection and well-being of his or her children. Do not lose focus and do not give up! After all, we are all in this battle and our children are counting on us! It is time we unite, fight with all our might, and not quit until we have set this archaic system right and have blown the discrimination out of sight. The time to act is now; so don't let your opportunity slip away. Your children need you! And, we want you!

Nebraskans for Family, Inc.
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