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The case law section has one basic function. That is to make case law available to everyone without the need to travel to a law library or to subscribe to a major database service in order to obtain court opinions for the purposes of research or case preparation. I have made an effort to include free copies available below of some of the major cases in Nebraska Law. If you cannot find what you need in a free version, please email the case information to [email protected] and pay using the buy now link at the bottom of this page and you will receive a copy of the opinion you have requested.
Visitation: Wilson vs. Wilson - the standard
(you keep hearing about it, now you can understand it.)
Jurisdiction: Watson vs. Watson - the standard
Removals from the jurisdiction: Farnsworth vs. Farnsworth - the standard

Henderson vs. Henderson - very recent

McLaughlin vs. McLaughlin

Vogel vs. Vogel
Transfer of Custody: Belitz vs. Belitz I (unpublished but a very powerful statement against visitation interference).

Belitz vs. Belitz II
(mom tries and fails to get custody back and dad is awarded huge attorney fees)