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 Welcome to Fathers Rights of Nebraska
 Tuesday, August 30 2005 @ 08:44 PM Central Daylight Time



We have established special relationships with several local law firms to help our members. They are available to give legal advice and consult with you on legal matters. These are people I have selected based upon their reputations and attitude.

If you have a legal question or need an attorney, please call the main number 391-DADS and select option 1. You will be connected to one of the participating attorneys, a para-legal, or a staff member.

Our legal referral and matching resources are available to all members, and so far we have helped more than 400 members get thelegal help they need.

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Yes, Fathers Are Essential

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A True Story of What Father's Do

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Parents Suing for Constitutional Rights as Parents

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Move-Away Bill Submitted in Wisconsin


If we're going to expect fathers to be good role models and to be a positive influence on their children they have to have access to their children. To be there every other weekend just isn't sufficient," says WFCF Chair Brian King.

State law allows a parent with primary custody to move up to 150 miles away without even informing the other parent.

Assembly bill 400 would change that. "The assumption has been made that whatever's good for the primary parent is good for the child. What we're doing with this bill is questioning that," says bill auther Rep. Steve Kestell (R-Elkhart Lake).

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Nice Mom


Hello. I stumbled across this wonderful site to assist my husband in any way of research that I could to help him to visit his children from a previous marriage. I want to first say that my prayers are with all of you hurting fathers out there in Nebraska. As a mother of 4 with an ex-husband, I don't understand how women can do so many petti and screwed-up things to their own children just to spite or hurt their children's fathers. I do know however, of many wonderful ways and and excellent "Psychologists" in the Scottsbluff area that will actually assist these bitter ex-wives in keeping their children away from their fathers! After 2 years of my husband fighting to see his children, and over $4,000 to lawyer's fees, we finally have a trial set for the end of the summer. My question to you fathers out there is, Can my husband actually press "kidnapping" charges on his ex wife? To every mother out there as hell-bent as denying visitation to a hard-working father, I hope some day there will be a laywer and a Judge smart enough to actually arrest you in charges of kidnapping. May God be with all of you wonferful fathers, keep your head up!! The kids will learn soon enough the truth.

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Parents Suing for Constitutional Rights as Parents


I will simply introduce this article with a quote from Judge Dorothy T. Beasley from GA; "Inherent in the express public policy is a recognition of the child's right to equal access and opportunity with both parents, the right to be guided and nurtured by both parents' wisdom, judgement and experience. The child does not forfeit these rights when the parents divorce."

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The Fathers' Crusade


This is an awesome story about Fathers 4 Justice and some information on the movement. It was published in the New York Times on mothers day.

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The State Matriarchy


Every society in history that developed a matriarchy -- of any kind -- is gone.

Except for this one. And look where we're headed.


More on Fathers' Rights: The State Matriarchy

May 24, 2024

by Paul C. Robbins, Ph.D.

Under the current system of family law, fathers typically lose their children in return for financing the destruction of their own families. When the system fails to work as promised, fathers are blamed and put in jail. But the system is at fault, not fathers. The system makes it far too easy for mom to expel dad, keep the children, and force him to pay for her decisions using the police power of the state.

The theory behind the system holds that the traditional family and marriage can be destroyed with acceptable consequences, as long as mom gets the kids and dad (or the taxpayers) can be forced to pay.

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Courtroom Monitoring is Launched


At their regular monthly meeting on May 17th, 2005, Fathers' Rights of Nebraska unveiled it's plans for a campaign to monitor all family court proceedings in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. More counties will follow as volunteers become available in those counties. Washington, Cass, and other counties are already being monitored periodically.

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LB 322... A New threat to Nebraska Families

Sen. DiAnna Schimek has introduced a bill, LB 322 presumably at the request of Tara Muir and the Domestic Violence grant jockeys which will expand abuse to include economic abuse (not defined), intimidation (not defined), isolation (not defined) and best of all "neglect of an animal".

Anyone (actually, any male) who has ever been accused of such a thing at any point in the past against an" intimate partner" (in case you don't understand what that means, it is a gay/lesbian rights term used to replace the words husband, wife, family member, significant other) will not be able to fight for custody and visitation with their children and the address of the mother and children will be hidden. Just so this is clear, the mother doesn't have to be the actual victim and the father need not be the abuser. If an ex-girlfriend of yours claims that you forgot to feed her cat, the victimization of the cat is transferred to the ex-girlfriend and at any time the ex girlfriend may assign her victimization via the cat to another person, likely your ex-wife. You will not be eligible for custody or visitation because by default the mother can yet again assign her victimization, via the cat and ex girlfriend to the children.

Another example: The bill states that whether or not visitation is ordered, the victim may conceal her address from the father of the children. Lets assume that your ex wife is abused by her current boyfriend. For the sake of argument lets say that he asks her for change when he gives her money to buy something (yes, that's an actual example of economic abuse straight from the Domestic Violence crew). Now he has become an abuser and she has certainly become a card carrying victim. She can have the court seal the address and contact information of your children because she is labeled "victim". In other words, mom can stop your visitation by claiming that some other person has victimized her.

Since the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services claims that a woman's boyfriend is twice as likely to kill her child than the childs father (Child Death Review Report 1996-2001, page 45 ), it is undeniable that this bill is not an attempt to protect children. There is no mention of denying a woman custody or visitation if she insists on living with and exposing her children to an "abuser. LB 322 is designed to be used as a stick with which vindictive and abusive women can pound their children, former partners, and the legal system.


I could go on and on...please just read it yourselves HERE

If you want to let the good senator how much you love her bill email her or use the info below.

Room 1114, State Capitol,
Lincoln, NE 68509
phone (402) 471-2632
fax (402) 479-0927

Take it easy on her, she was probably just conned into signing this piece of garbage.

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