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 Sunday, March 06 2005 @ 03:41 AM Central Standard Time

'Family Rights' Radio Network Begins Broadcast: An Historic Event for the Family Movement


Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the krights studio in Texas and I spent the day talking with Richar Farr. This is a fantastic show and I encourage all of our members to visit their website and listen to the show. Click the read more link below to read an article on Mr. Farr and krightsradio.

DALLAS, Aug. 25 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Richar' Farr describes his new Internet radio station as "a town hall meeting on radio." He calls it Kids' Rights Radio - KRights for short. Farr is the founder and main on-air commentator. The unique station began its unusual and compelling broadcast on Aug 1, 2004, and is now on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"This is an exciting and historic event for fatherhood, children, and the family rights movement. It's a great leap forward. For years, noncustodial parents and their extended families have not been able to easily tell their stories in the media. On Aug. 1, 2004 this all changed. Now, we can start organizing the approximately 14 million noncustodial parents and their families into a huge listenership," said Farr. offers unique programming: fresh up-to-date reports, interviews, breaking news, and commentary on marriage, divorce, family, child support, paternity fraud, child custody, "visitation," parents - anything relevant. One of Farr's goals is to increase general public awareness of pervasive damaging stereotypes and policies that have led to adverse consequences for families and fatherhood, and therefore for taxpayers and society as a whole. Farr envisions KRightsRadio as an instrument for positive change.

Why a station devoted to children's and family rights?

Farr says, "There is a huge hunger and need for this. We're tapping into new territory." Farr added, "We anticipate a swift and tremendous reach. People in general will be fascinated with the surprising truths and astonishing stories that many will hear for the very first time. What is happening daily to good families is simply mind-boggling. Too many noncustodial parents, mostly fathers, are dead bolted, unfairly locked out of their children's lives. They need somewhere to air their grievances and work for positive change."

According to Farr,'s unique, and sometimes controversial, fresh programming is aimed to counterbalance a negative view of men and fathers that has become prevalent throughout our culture and society. He would also like policymakers and family experts to tune in. "Too many families and children are suffering under unfair policies that stand today. We're going to expose the injustices," says Farr.

Experts and scholars in the field, including attorneys, psychologists, researchers, activists, and others are being interviewed for the broadcast. Farr plans to interview celebrities and media correspondents covering issues of interest to KRightsRadio's target audience.

On you'll hear stories like that of Texas dad, Morgan Wise, who was featured in a New York Times article and was interviewed on Fox News Channel's, "The O'Reilly Factor." After many years, Morgan Wise discovered that 3 of 4 of his beloved children were not his biologically. Amazingly, at one point, a family court judge issued an order preventing Morgan from visiting his children, including even his biological child, while enforcing a court order for child support.

"Not only are we hoping to be an information clearinghouse and become a voice for families, we are hoping to become a useful tool for grassroots activism and unity of effort. I'm starting a list of listeners - I call it a 'constituency list.' We know there are millions of us out here. Now we're going to prove it," said Farr.

Any radio station wishing to have access to the rapidly growing audience and programming will be able to get the feed from the station by contacting Richard Farr at: 817-223-0126.

"The potential reach of this station is tremendous. There is a hunger for this information and for custodial and noncustodial families suffering in the family courts and child support agencies to have a voice. fills a niche, and I expect it will continue to grow very rapidly. Farr has a major success on his hands," said news commentator Roger Crition.

For more information, visit or e- mail Richar' Farr at: [email protected]

Click on "Broadcast Stream" to hear live programming at various times of day.

Richar' Farr is available for media interviews regarding the launch of

Please call 330-534-8948 or send an e-mail to [email protected] to arrange an interview.

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