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 Wednesday, March 16 2005 @ 08:32 AM Central Standard Time
LB 322... A New threat to Nebraska Families

Sen. DiAnna Schimek has introduced a bill, LB 322 presumably at the request of Tara Muir and the Domestic Violence grant jockeys which will expand abuse to include economic abuse (not defined), intimidation (not defined), isolation (not defined) and best of all "neglect of an animal".

Anyone (actually, any male) who has ever been accused of such a thing at any point in the past against an" intimate partner" (in case you don't understand what that means, it is a gay/lesbian rights term used to replace the words husband, wife, family member, significant other) will not be able to fight for custody and visitation with their children and the address of the mother and children will be hidden. Just so this is clear, the mother doesn't have to be the actual victim and the father need not be the abuser. If an ex-girlfriend of yours claims that you forgot to feed her cat, the victimization of the cat is transferred to the ex-girlfriend and at any time the ex girlfriend may assign her victimization via the cat to another person, likely your ex-wife. You will not be eligible for custody or visitation because by default the mother can yet again assign her victimization, via the cat and ex girlfriend to the children.

Another example: The bill states that whether or not visitation is ordered, the victim may conceal her address from the father of the children. Lets assume that your ex wife is abused by her current boyfriend. For the sake of argument lets say that he asks her for change when he gives her money to buy something (yes, that's an actual example of economic abuse straight from the Domestic Violence crew). Now he has become an abuser and she has certainly become a card carrying victim. She can have the court seal the address and contact information of your children because she is labeled "victim". In other words, mom can stop your visitation by claiming that some other person has victimized her.

Since the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services claims that a woman's boyfriend is twice as likely to kill her child than the childs father (Child Death Review Report 1996-2001, page 45 ), it is undeniable that this bill is not an attempt to protect children. There is no mention of denying a woman custody or visitation if she insists on living with and exposing her children to an "abuser. LB 322 is designed to be used as a stick with which vindictive and abusive women can pound their children, former partners, and the legal system.


I could go on and on...please just read it yourselves HERE

If you want to let the good senator how much you love her bill email her or use the info below.

Room 1114, State Capitol,
Lincoln, NE 68509
phone (402) 471-2632
fax (402) 479-0927

Take it easy on her, she was probably just conned into signing this piece of garbage.

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