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 Friday, March 11 2005 @ 09:19 PM Central Standard Time

Fire Zastera is Launched was recently launched, starting yet another campaign to rid the Sarpy County Courthouse of BIASED JUDGES.

The campaign was successful against Judge Ronald Reagan, and although Judge George Thompson was retained in november's election, we felt that achieving the highest EVER number of "NO" votes was an indication that the public is becoming aware of the tyranny in our state. Whoever is behind the site will be fully supported by our group. We have MANY members who have complained about his courtroom arrogance, lack of knowledge of current Nebraska Law regarding move-aways, and complete disregard for the law when proven to be in violation of Federal Child Support Guidelines. We look forward to helping with the effort and hope having a two year head start will aid in removing this pimpil on the face of family law.

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Fire Zastera is Launched
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, December 30 2004 @ 08:13 AM Central Standard Time
Well judge Thompson is not any better. My ex had my son taken from her by CPS and Bellevue PD and judge Thompson had the case of abuse and neglect dropped even though the officer that was on scene was the with pictures.Judge Thompson advised this would stay on her record but will just show the charges were dropped.His reason was the child belongs with the mother who I may add didnt even work and no insurance.So guess thats why he said I had to pay for her attorney as well as mine.It all boils down to if you live in Nebraska (primarily Sarpy County) your just screwed.
Fire Zastera is Launched
Authored by: nebdad on Wednesday, February 09 2005 @ 11:33 PM Central Standard Time
Yep, Zastera needs to go. He listens to arguments from both sides and acts as if it's the first time he's been in the position to decide upon a civil case in this fine area known as Sarpy county.
I brought evidence (tape recordings) to court that my ex's boyfriend was currently selling drugs and though I had the tapes to play, Zastera(honorable?) was again at an incapacitance for decision making, so he denied my temporary custody request to get my child out of their house and ordered a guardian ad-litem (MB) to do whatever they're supposed to do. He had one private hearing with me and never asked me to come back and play those tapes about the drug selling.
Need a headache? Bring your case to Sarpy county and request Zastera to "judge" it. When you don't agree to his decision, he'll probly tell you the same, "You can always file an appeal."
Thanks to those supporting "Fire Zastera"! Bravo!
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