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Nebraskans for Family Nebraska - Attorney Referral
Note: The attorneys below have been selected as a result of their observed performance as family law attorneys in Nebraska; however, this organization makes no guarantee of any result in your particular case and in no way guarantees or promises the performance of any attorney below. There are plenty of attorneys out there with big reputations who simply can't cut the mustard any more. Others have cruised off of a family name or firm affiliation. Some attorneys or firms even market themselves as Fathers' Rights Attorneys. I'm not sure how Fathers' Rights can be viewed as a separate practice of law (it's not, its just a way of making a prospective customer think he will get an attorney who will fight harder because the client is a father). The attorneys below may or may not not do the marketing but they have shown their ability to do the job.

When selecting an attorney, it is very important that you meet the attorney and make very clear what your eexpectations are.

My final warning is this: NEVER NEVER NEVER hire any attorney who claims to be a shark or pit-bull. This is garbage. These attorneys are just difficult for the other attorney and judge to deal with and does nothing more than reduce your likelihood of a good result and I guarantee your bill will be much higher than with a more competent and reasonable attorney.

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